Good service, Good accomodations. What is the definition of “Good”? There’s no correct answer because we(as human) are different and it is also depend on what we valued.Therefore, we have to create the standard to define “Good” that fits to everyone, and developing continuously for the sake of our spirits.

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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

is what makes staffs know exactly what they should do at each time and situations to create guest satisfactions. We provide SOP to every functions including front staff, house keeping, technician and accounting.


SOP is not just a Handbook

Hotelsup will implement and go through the guideline together with staff step by step to ensure that everyone working based on the standard. However, standard is not “one-size-fit-all”, we believe that every hotels have its own identity which is the combination of the physical assets, owner’s preferences and people. We just want to make this identity the way it should be.


Cleanliness is important as well

Aside from good accommodation and great services, we cannot compromise on hygiene and cleanliness. This function is one of the biggest concerns in every hotels regardless sizing. Hotelsup’s operation will standardize this process to make sure that guests will get what they deserve.


Optimal purchasing

Purchasing is the core of daily operation, most of the small hotels have the system to record and control each purchasing even with stock management. Hotelsup will enhance and rebuild to make the most out of your cost with optimal purchasing, to specify the right time and the right amount to purchase.


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Online marketing

Make the leap from sales on OTAs by analyzing the target customer and competitors to create the strategy on pricing and promotions. The best price is not the cheapest one, but the one that gets the maximum profit.

Our Performance


hotel revenue growth

Maximize Revenue

Your physical asset together with our best resources. We can maximize the potential of your hotel and sustainably generate maximum revenue.

Beginning from zero

Start from scratch, register each OTA, pricing strategy and structure with owner approval, new photo gallery by our professional photographers, to increase your occupancy rate and ADR consistently.



Well managed and strictly control of cash-in and cash-out flow through specific cycle payment (Payday). Well organized of documents and records for the precision forecasting.


Well managed and strictly control of cash-in and cash-out flow through specific cycle payment (Payday). Well organized of documents and records for the precision forecasting.


We have separate accounting team with the expertise in the field of hotel business match with your hotel size, easy to communicate in ”human language”, reduce workload from Paperwork, effective recheck and audit both revenues and expenses, tax filing, encourage the seamless collaboration between hotel staff and accountant.


Make your human resource management simple like never before, from payroll, leaves records, overtime, onboarding paperwork and social security, even work permit for foreign domestic workers, based on hotel policy of hiring and benefits.


Get rid of the pile of paper, we all hate it!!

Store your document in safer, easier to reach, and well organized place. Reduce the amount of paper as low as possible because of it's important. In paper form, it has to pass through many hands before the final location, don’t forget that it’s the human hands, leave the computer do the work they can. Human should do what they we best in hotel services, “Welcome”

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